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Autism and Celiac Disease are conditions that affect the digestive and neurological system. The digestive system is often called the "second brain". This is because of its similarities and because of how each organ affects the other. Thus, it is not surprising that neurological conditions and digestive disorders are often present when a patient is examined. 
Here is a selection of articles that analyze the effect of gluten in the brain and the intestines, as well as how they are linked. 

  Autism and Celiac Disease  Autismo y Enfermedad Celiaca

 What do they both have in common?
¿Qué tienen las dos condiciones en común ?
§  Both Celiac Disease and Autism do not have a cure yet.
Tanto la Enfermedad Celiaca como el Autismo todavía no tienen cura.
§  Both conditions are treatable to certain extent.
Ambas condiciones se pueden tratar hasta cierto grado.
§  Both have effects in our central nervous system as well as our neurological systems.
Ambas tienen efectos en el sistema central nervioso y en nuestro sistema neurológico.
§  Both conditions benefit from excluding gluten from the diet. Ambas condiciones se benefician de una dieta que excluya el gluten.

Here are a few carefully selected well-documented references. 
He aquí unas cuantas fuentes bibliográficas confiables que pueden resultar muy útiles.